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It's not done, till it's perfect. 


We started to remodel our offices this week. Pictures coming soon.

Another #dailywork picture form this week.

What we are up to right now

New projects, new encounters.

Our management is working 24/7 right now.  Christmas is coming people.

Destination, Asia. 

Logistics doing their work, even late at night!  

Photoshooting with our model Kaiyan.

coming soon.


Race for charity is one of our projects. Including our supercharged BMW E92 M3.

- by: Team Schirmer -

We operate world wide and so does our CEO Patrick.

Here, we see him in a really important meeting with a coworker from Hong-Kong.

Nothing suits men like a suit.

We just received a load of three-pieces and suits for one of our costumers.

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